Photos & Video from Rainbow Immigration and Refugee forum

Good roll up and enthusiastic response to our wonderful speakers at yesterday’s forum Salon78: Rainbow Immigration and Refugees.

Thanks to speakers Betty Hounslow, Ken Davis, Mitchell Skipsey and Tina Dixson and chair Garry Wotherspoon. And thanks to attendees including those from the Asylum Seekers Centre, Amnesty International, Teachers for Refugees and the STARTTS Program.

The event was recorded and is available to view in full on YouTube by clicking here, or is included below. Thanks to William Brougham for the video.

The Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force, in which some 78ers were key movers in the 1980s, assisted overseas partners of LGBTIQ Australians to migrate here. Speakers include Betty Hounslow, Ken Davis, Mitchell Skipsey and Tina Dixson. Today, our community is outraged by the plight of LGBTIQ refugees and people seeking asylum.

(Video by William Brougham)