The text for this website was written by the following 78ers:

Robyn Kennedy, Diane Minnis, Robert French, Ken Davis.

Website design:

Rosie Pentreath, Robyn Kennedy.

Emma Cunningham (updates & maintenance).

Photo credits:

Jeffrey Feng (2017 Parade, 2018 Parade, 2019 Parade), Phillip Potter (Local context), Sallie Colechin (Morning march 24 June 1978 and so many other original images from 1978), William Yang (Law reform victories after 1978 - photo of "Poof" from the 1984 Mardi Gras Parade), Shayne Chester (Ongoing role of 78ers banner photo), Fernando Jimenez (Ongoing role of the 78ers: Inspiring our community - photo of the late Peter Bonsall-Boone and Peter de Waal), Robert French (2019 Mardi Gras parade photos, including 78ers with the Fearless banner), William Brougham (Regularly attends and takes photos and videos of 78ers at events, for which we are extremely thankful)

… plus so many others. If we have accidentally not credited use of your images, please let us know as we will correct this oversight.