Research Project from COTA NSW

The below email was received from COTA NSW (Council of the Ageing), inviting people aged in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond to participate in an anonymous online survey as part of academic research. See below for more information and the link to the survey.

PERMISSION TO SPEAK: Giving older adults a voice in teaching health and aged care providers how to communicate about intimate matters.

Our sexuality changes as we age - but we know that many people in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond wish to remain sexually active.

We also know that health conditions and medications can affect sexuality and cause sexual problems. But it can be hard to find reliable, accurate information - especially if it's hard to talk to your health professional!

Alison Rahn - who spoke recently at the COTA NSW 50 Shades of Greying forum - is the lead researcher in a new study funded by the Australian Association of Gerontology. The outcome of this research will be training materials for health professionals to improve their communications skills with older people around sex and sexuality.

Alison is looking for people to participate in an anonymous online survey, which will take between 20 and 30 minutes to answer.

Your participation will be completely anonymous. You don't need to provide your name or any identifying details.

You don't have to participate - but your anonymous participation will help to make sure that health professionals have the skills and tools to have good discussions with older people about sex and sexuality - which is a win for everyone.

The survey link is here, and you can find more information on the study and the researcher by clicking the link.

Photos & Video from Rainbow Immigration and Refugee forum

Good roll up and enthusiastic response to our wonderful speakers at yesterday’s forum Salon78: Rainbow Immigration and Refugees.

Thanks to speakers Betty Hounslow, Ken Davis, Mitchell Skipsey and Tina Dixson and chair Garry Wotherspoon. And thanks to attendees including those from the Asylum Seekers Centre, Amnesty International, Teachers for Refugees and the STARTTS Program.

The event was recorded and is available to view in full on YouTube by clicking here, thanks to William Brougham.

78ers Reunion 41

Reunion 41 will be held at the Colombian Hotel again on Wednesday 27th February, 5.00pm-8.00pm, with a special blessing by Mother Inferior. All 78ers and partners or guests are welcome to attend.

In 2018, First Mardi Gras held a special pre-Mardi Gras Parade 40th Anniversary event for 78ers and guests. This get together, Reunion 41, is on again this year. All 78ers and partners or guests are welcome to attend.

If you are joining us for Reunion 41, please RSVP to for catering purposes.

If you require lift access, please email us with an approximate time of arrival.

The 78ers Parade T-shirt will be available to pick up at Reunion 41. Otherwise, it will be available at the 78ers Parade assembly area.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Salon78: Rainbow Immigration and Refugees

The Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force, in which some 78ers were key movers in the 1980s, assists overseas partners of LGBTIQ Australians to migrate here.

Today, 78ers are outraged by the plight of LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers.

Come along on Sunday February 10, 2019 to Salon78 presents Rainbow Immigration and Refugees and hear about services and campaigns to support these vulnerable members of our community.

Free event.

78ers fighting for our rights - now and then

In the forty years since the first Mardi Gras many gains have been achieved but LGBTIQ people in many countries are still fighting for their rights. At this FREE special event 78ers reflect on the social and political context of the first Mardi Gras and its impact.

To attend this event, please egister at Eventbrite:

Tickets are going fast and will sell out, so be quick!

Eventbrite Banner 3.jpg

78ers Tribute Night at Red Raw

78ers showed off their killer dance moves at Red Raw on Saturday 10th February at the AB Hotel Glebe.  There was plenty of action on the dance floor as patrons got into music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. A fundraiser raffle was also held with the lucky winners walking away with a range of prizes including artworks, challenging boxed quiz game Question Time and mint condition LPs from 80s girl bands Stray Dags and Sticky Beat. 

Red Raw photos.jpg